Eating Clean

19 Jan

In the healthy eating world, the phrase eating clean or clean eating (same difference, tom-a-toes/tom-ah-toes) seems to surface a lot. As such, I have done a lot of reading on the subject, and found that, while everyone’s exact definition of it seems to vary a bit, there are general principles that remain the same. In general, it is about a natural approach to eating, focusing on whole, unprocessed foods. Over at Menus4Moms, they say clean foods are “those without man-made sugars, hydrogenated fats, trans-fats and other unnecessary ingredients” and suggest that eating clean even only 80% of the time can have a huge impact on your overall physique.

Photo credit: Crossfit Oakland

Of course, this doesn’t mean just eating fruits and vegetables. This means whole wheat fibers, fat free yogurts, eggs, plain cheeses, lean meats.

All my life, I think I always assumed that clean eating meant living on salads and, really, it’s anything but. The ultimate bonus? When you’re eating clean, you can eat so much more food than when you aren’t and still not gain an ounce. These are foods that your body was designed to process so they natural metabolize much better. It makes so much sense, no? And, while I just started eating 90% clean only a week or so ago, I can already say that I feel a MILLION times better than I have felt. Ever.

What about you? Have you tried eating clean? Or, something else that you loved?


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