Making the Right Choices

16 Jan

Today, as I arrived home from the grocery store (for just a mini-trip), I unpacked my bag and surveyed its contents. As I stood back, I thought to myself Wow! What a difference just a few weeks makes. Every single item I had unpacked was in some way healthy or health-conscious. After basking in the glory of a successful grocery trip and patting myself on the back for making some good decisions, I couldn’t help but take a picture to remember this moment. I wish – so much – that this could be a before and after type post. Unfortunately, I have no before for this. I cannot imagine a grocery trip weeks ago where I would have come back and taken a photo of all the crap we had bought, sadly.

Nevertheless, here’s one for the books.

That’s 1 large plain Light-&-Fit yogurt, 1 bag of Romaine, 5 bananas, 1 canister of allspice,
1 container of classic hummus, 1 package of 100% whole wheat, whole grain sandwich thins, and 3 apples.

I’m seriously impressed with myself.


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