On Obsessions and Resolutions

16 Jan

Some people start a new year with resolutions, but why fool yourself into thinking that a resolution is going to make a lifestyle change? Let’s be honest – just for one minute – how many resolutions do you think actually make a difference in someone’s life permanently? While I wish I had a staggering statistic to woo you with here, I honestly don’t know though I could make some guesses. The Sydney Morning Herald claims it is close to 80% of failed resolutions. I would tend to believe that even that may be generous.

But, you see, I’m not one for failed resolutions. I am blessed (or is it cursed?) with one of the world’s more interesting personality traits: an addictive personality. Now, you might ask, what does this mean? This means that when I get into an idea, I like to throw myself at it whole-heartedly. I like to eat, breathe, live, and sleep that idea and I can’t handle the idea of doing it any differently. The downside? That, as with any obsession, there is a way back down on the other side. Sometimes days – or, if I am lucky, then weeks or months – later there I am, dusting myself off and ready to take on whatever it is that I have moved onto next. It’s exhausting, perhaps more for those around me than it is for myself. Nevertheless, I am determined – for once – to make a lifestyle change of such an obsession.

My obsession of choice for today? Being healthy.

I guess for any obsession to have, this would certainly be one of the best. They key to such an idea rests in MAKING IT LAST. And so our journey begins.

To get things completely out on the table, let’s start with some facts:

  • I am not trained in nutrition, exercise, or anything of the like.
  • As I begin this, I don’t start as a naturally thin person who has exercised their whole lives.
  • Anything I blog about or discuss is probably something I’ve learned elsewhere, in all such cases I will make every effort to cite these sources.

Are you ready to start with me? Healthy living begins now.


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